"Full Automatic Panel Lamination Line" project, which we started in January 2009, was completed in 10 months and was deemed worthy to be supported by TUBITAK in December…
UNIMAK completed the “Machine Design for Quality High Gloss Furniture Production” project that started in 2015, and the project was deemed worthy to be supported by TUBITAK.
"Full Automatic Lamination Line for Furniture Production Panels using Cold Glue" project, which we started in 2020 completed succesfully and the project was deemed worthy to be supported by TUBITAK.

  • With this support received from TUBITAK, new machine and R&D investments were made in order to produce more lines and to block the machines imported from abroad.
  • Within the context of R&D studies, a laboratory has been established for the testing of product and machine parts, and quality of the products produced in our machines has been increased and proved with the tests carried out.
  • As being solution partner of our valued customers, we have provided cold glue application option on panel.
  • Measures to increase quality of machinery and production applied both to the products within the scope of Project and in our portfolio.
  • Our company continues to be the first and only company to receive support in this field.
Our company, UNIMAK Engineering Services, accomplishes engineering processes consists of design, sales, production and after sales services, worthy of the word engineering mentioned in our name. Accordingly, our company supports and values development and innovation constantly, continues new R&D project studies, innovation and improving activities non-stop.

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) documents is a quality management system standard published by the International Standardization Organization by shared decision making. This document(s) is an indicator of effective company management, development of corporate culture, create awareness on quality system, proper documentation, systematic approach, consistency, efficiency, increase in productivity and institutionalism.
As UNIMAK Engineering Services,
  • By fulfilling all obligations and having ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM document, with the aim of having all the necessary items in line with our vision and mission,
  • In addition to our management and service quality, we also have ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM document, in return for the value and dedication we give to the environment,
  • We pay attention to the safety of our business and our employees and indirectly our business partners and in this regard, we have OHSAS 18001 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM documents.

EAC Certificate

EAC is a certificate shows conformity of technical specifications required by countries member of Eurasian Economic Community which founded in 2010 under the guidance of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and later joined by Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. TR CU (EAC) Customs Union Certification replaces system formerly known as GOST. EAC Certificate; certifies that products imported by countries of Customs Union complies with current laws and technical regulations.
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